Booking Tips

1. Check the details of the Farm of your interest. Visit Farms page to choose the Farm. Check Amenities and Harvest (Produce) from that farm. If you find that it is worth visiting then you can book a Day Visit or Room (if accommodation is available) else you can check for the Agri Tour of that farm in the Agri Tour page. Normally Agri Tours are conducted tours. In Farm visits and Room bookings you may have manage on your own in the farm.

2. Time your booking. Plan your visit well in advance and block the dates for the tour. Send an enquiry to clarify the doubts if any or talk to our customer support for any clarifications. Visit the site and search for Farms / Agri Tour of your interest and confirm both room availability and price for your travel date.

3. Send an enquiry before booking. Before booking online, please call us on our customer support number or post an enquiry with your requirements through our contact page in this portal. We are happy to assist you in planning your trip. In case of bulk booking, we may offer certain discounts. Your credit card might also offer discounts on booking with us. 

4. Negotiate for upgrades. Instead of booking the fanciest room in the place, reserve a lower-rate room and then ask for an upgrade if available. If you're traveling at an off-peak time, you have a higher chance of moving up to a vacant, better room at check-in.

5. Read instructions before booking. If it is your first farm visit, please read terms and conditions along with instructions mentioned in farm details carefully. Follow the instructions and be prepared accordingly for the trip.