Dee Mandala is 4,500 acres of gently undulating, virgin landscape, with hillocks and valleys, lakes and trees, vineyards and birdsong.

Dee Mandala brand leads the industry as premier grower and marketer in India of finest quality, greenhouse/polyhouse grown Vegetables & Farm produce under controlled conditions. At Dee Mandala, we truly strive to exceed customer expectations through our unparalleled commitment to quality produce, strict adherence to food safety standards, globally accepted good agricultural practices (GAP) on storage of farm produce and sustainable growing t.echniques utilizing leading edge environmental stewardship principles. Our hi-tech growing methods help us to be efficient producer of vegetables, 365 days a year that make life healthier for people and ecology friendlier for the planet. At Dee Mandala, we choose what is best in nature & make it good business 

Our Greenhouse Grown Products

* At Dee Mandala it is our constant endeavour towards perfecting the art of vegetable growing under controlled conditions with clear guideline parameters under strict monitoring in harmony with Nature, our mother earth .

* Dee Mandala remains the pioneer in growing and marketing English cucumbers - indeed the very first brand to enter the Indian market.

* We are currently focusing on the quantitative aspects of mass production to optimise cost while retaining the quality edge and efficiency of farming.

* You can choose from these ranges.

English cucumbers are grown and harvested by Dee Mandala using innovative technology and rigorous safety processes are delivered fresh and full of flavor for all to enjoy.

Marketed under the same label these cucumbers are also called seedless or burpless cucumbers because they have been cultivated for digestive qualities.

This variety of cucumber is 95 - 97% of water and also consist of major nutrient values. They are ready to eat and do not require peeling. Cool crisp cucumbers are the perfect addition to salads, dips, veggie platters and even act as the perfect snack due to their low calorie count.



Bell Peppers

Capsicum in most parts of India, they are a wonderful combination of tangy taste and crunchy texture.
It is variously called as capsicum, green pepper, sweet pepper, bell pepper, etc. In shape and pungency it is different from chilly. It is fleshy, blocky, of various shapes, more like a bell and hence named bell pepper. Almost all the varieties of green pepper are very mild in pungency and some of them are non-pungent, and as such they can be used as stuffed vegetable.

Their beautifully shaped glossy exterior that comes in a wide array of vivid colors ranging from green, red, yellow, orange.

Despite their varied palette, all are the same plant, known scientifically as Capsicum annuum. Capsicum is good source of Carotenoids and Vitamin C. They are increasingly growing popularity all across India and have been inducted into almost all recipes. 

English tomatoes

At Dee Mandala,  we specialize in growing juicy vine ripened English Tomatoes and which are harvested with technical expertise. One such variety called beef steak tomatoes, which have a longer shelf life due to their thicker skin.

English Tomato is a nutritious fruit with a remarkably high content of minerals and vitamins. Today tomatoes are cultivated around the world, often in green/poly houses so that they can be supplied around the year and even during off seasons too.

Cherry tomatoes are small tomatoes which are available in bunches. They are used to add color and flavor to any food preparations.




Advantages of Green house grown vegetables from Deemandala 

* It pays to invest in a business relationship with Dee Mandala as your one stop source for Green house grown English Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Brinjals, and English Cucumbers. We have experience & have dealt with most of the producer retailer problems, hence we can pre-empt them before they hurt you.

* Dee Mandala simplifies your buying process by being a one-stop shop especially for English Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, and English Cucumbers

* Assure you total confidence in our supply chain! Dee Mandala's Greenhouse produce are available for you 365 days a year ex our regional distribution centres. You’ll never hear us say “out of season” because Dee Mandala’ season is all year round

* Dee Mandala’s Greenhouses protect our produce from the bad weather, disease, and pests. That in turn ensures no external damages to fruits, no supply shortages nor any wild price fluctuations. Buyers are 'cocooned'

* Dee Mandala believes in making farm produce Available, Affordable and Acceptable in a 24x7, 365 day format. Produce of high quality and at fair price point- two key consumer expectations globally. Dee Mandala products are attractively packaged and branded to stand out and appeal to consumers and end users. In short entice them to buy.

Where to buy 

In India, Dee Mandala produce is sold in national chains, local supermarkets and local vendors under the Dee Mandala brand name. Dee Mandala produce is easily recognized by its vine-ripe, consistently superior taste, texture and appearance.

Dee Mandala produce is pristine and bruise-free because we only touch the vegetables when they are carefully hand picked and packed at the peak of ripeness. Our special packaging and gentle transportation methods protect the produce as it makes the short trip to your local market. The result is a perfect tomato, pepper, or cucumber that goes from plant to table. The produce looks, feels and tastes fresh because it is fresh-delivered all year from our farm to your home. 

For more information look through which you can order fresh vegetables and fruits. 

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