Sri Bhagyalakshmi Farms is situated near Big Banyan Tree off Mysore Road in Ramo Halli, Bangalore

130 acres of land with lush greenery. The farm is managed, nurtured and grown to new heights by Sri B.A. Nagaraj

The Farm has different division
1. Vertical Green walls - for indoor and outdoor
2. More than 10,000 Bonsais
3. Hydrophonic Aquatic Plants - 120 varieties of aquatic plants, specialisation in Aquascaping
4. Tissue culture lab
5. Plantations and Orchard Crops - 3500 coconut palms, 2800 mango trees, Sapota about 600 plants of Kalipatti, Pomelo plants, Litchis, Rambutan, Arecanut
6. Special Exotic fruits section. This is from the R&D department of the farm. It has Lacota , Palsa , Mulberry , Cherry Gauva , Mallyan apple , White Sapota , Ber , Jamun Plants , Sweet Commruck , Cumcot Orange , Duriyan , Hogplum and Rose apple.
7. 5 man made lakes
8. A division to support architects and Interiors in landscaping

And many more, the farm is self content and built keeping the nature and environment in mind. It is managed by central and state horticultural experts and also highly qualified professionals.

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Farm Amenities
Inside Parking
Children Activites
Indoor Games
Outdoor Games
Tractor ride
Auditorium with AV facility
Farm Animals
Farm Birds
Solar Power Source
Rain water harvesting pond
Plant Nursery
Bonsai Garden
Water Bodies
Exotic Birds / Animals
Aquarium / fish pond
English speaking guide
Farm Harvest
Bonsai Plants
Tissue-culture plants
Nursery Plants
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Sri Bhagyalakshmi Farm
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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